My Sample Product


A great product description includes the primary benefits, not just features or technical specs to your target market and core audience. It’s probably about 3-4 sentences, if that, selling your product as the solution for your prospective customers. To help you, answer these questions: What problem does it solve? Who does it solve it for? And how is it different than other products out there?

This is your extended description. Use this area for a variety of information, like:

  • FAQs
  • Table of contents (for books) or track listings (for albums)
  • Samples files
  • Additional yet educational sales information
  • And don’t forget you could put all those other features and technical specs here!

You can change this on the fly too!

Photos and Images

You’ll want to create bigger images, perhaps even at a 1×1 ratio and 1000pixel wide.

Then let WordPress resize them for output on your page. It’s best to have a featured image (one big one that really displays your product) then have supplement images (if available) that buyers can click on to see more what you offer.

JPGs are typically best for photos. PNGs for other types of artwork.